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quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2016

Why President Obama is speaking on global development - Por que o presidente Obama está falando sobre o desenvolvimento mundial

Why President Obama is speaking on global development

When President Obama took office, he made global development a core pillar of America's foreign policy -- and for good reason.

When children cannot go to school, or businesses lack reliable roads or electricity, that holds back entire economies. Where poverty and despair take root, conflict, instability, and violent extremism can flourish. Fragile and failing states can incubate or exacerbate a wide range of threats that spill across borders -- from pandemics to nuclear proliferation, human trafficking to climate change.

To President Obama, global development is not "charity." In an increasingly interconnected world, it's a crucial investment in the security and prosperity of us all.

Por que o presidente Obama está falando sobre o desenvolvimento mundial
Quando o presidente Obama tomou posse, ele fez o desenvolvimento global de um pilar central da política externa dos Estados Unidos - e por boas razões.

Quando as crianças não podem ir à escola, ou empresas não têm estradas confiáveis ou eletricidade, que retém a economias inteiras. Onde a pobreza eo desespero se enraizar, conflito, instabilidade e extremismo violento pode florescer. estados frágeis e deficientes podem incubar ou exacerbar uma ampla gama de ameaças que derramam através das fronteiras - de pandemias para a proliferação nuclear, tráfico de seres humanos às mudanças climáticas.

Para o presidente Obama, o desenvolvimento global não é "caridade". Em um mundo cada vez mais interligado, é um investimento crucial para a segurança ea prosperidade de todos nós.

That's what he'll talk about today when he speaks at the White House Summit on Global Development. Tune in at 3:35pm ET to watch live.

Over the last eight years, the Obama administration has confronted some of the most daunting development and humanitarian challenges in modern history.

The President has helped reshape the U.S. approach to development by partnering with countries, global coalitions, and the engines of American innovation: corporations, foundations, universities, NGOs, and faith-based communities.

Under this leadership, we've produced real outcomes in the lives of millions of people:
We've helped over nine million farmers, food producers, and rural families adopt innovations to improve productivity, helping boost incomes by more than $800 million.

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